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Double play is a conscious consent of the individual to the maximum increase in risks. Fearless guardian of order is characterized by a tough attitude towards criminals. Select circle of colleagues knows that contempt for the bandits is an expression of hatred towards the competitors. Cunning detectives connects "Oath season 1" on the safety of a common secret. The renegades shamelessly plunder under the cover of night. Daring raids, the massacre of rivals on dirty adventures and other brutal crimes are the main craft of armed reckless drivers. Hiding behind a mask of respectable guardians of the law, crooks use civilian resources against the population.Suspicious aspects of night attacks attract the attention of an experienced FBI official. Penetrating agent risking his life for the sake of a shocking validation of the hypothesis. Craftsman deftly has a leader of the group to find out the circumstances of destructive fishing. Daredevil sets all the members of the gang. The Raven tattoo serves as an additional reference point for the resonant version. Disgraced organizer cell receives severe punishment. Despite the resolution on long-term detention, the clever man is going to finish soon with the spy and to continue an undertaking.

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