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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Prairie Johnson disappeared under mysterious circumstances seven years ago. Searches organized by family and friends, to no avail, and soon the police have closed the case. And now, after seven long years, the girl suddenly returned. This is how one of the most mysterious series of our time "The OA"begins.rn

Now Prairie wants you to call her OA and behaves very strange. Relatives of the girl are sure that the kidnappers brainwashed her, and this can explain the mysterious behavior of the main character. However, the shock to all around becomes the girl's newfound vision, because she was born blind. How the Prairie was able to see the light is unknown.the OA itself doesn't want to talk about where she was and what was happening to her. The girl withdraws into himself, and only mentions that being close to their loved ones and were able to watch them.despite his miraculous return, the Prairie doesn't look happy. Soon she tells three friends from school what happened to her. It turns out that in his past life the Prairie was named Nina Azarov. She was born to a wealthy family in Russia, but died in a car accident as a child. Even before his death, Nina was tormented by strange visions: it seemed to her that she was drowning under a layer of ice, and no one can come to the rescue. However, the girl's father refused to give her visions of value.on the other side of life, she met a woman who brought Nina back to our world, depriving the girl of her sight. Now it is called the Prairie, was placed in an orphanage and placed in a new family. Tormented by strange visions, the girl still remembers her father and decides to find him. She runs away from home on her 21st birthday to find her past and understand how it relates to her current life.now the Prairie is back, realizing how the otherworldly and the real world works. The girl wants to punish those who are guilty of her first death and the death of her father. However, while the OA does not even know that he has unique skills. Anyone who has seen the other world, may not be the same, and soon the Prairie begins to pose a danger to others.

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