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It's no secret that the doctor's profession is very responsible, because it depends on these people the life of a huge number of those who need help. Special thanks and respect deserve those of the doctors who work in the night shift. After all, at this time, many diseases are exacerbated and specialists often have to fight for the life of each patient until the morning. The same thing happens in the famous San Antonio hospital, where every night there is a struggle for life. When these experts came here to work, they could not think about how difficult it will be in this case. a Distinctive feature of this hospital is that all these doctors took part in military operations at the time, they had to go through a lot when they treated the military. But at the same time they could not imagine that the struggle for the lives of people in peacetime is no less intense than in war. It is these people who fight every night for the lives of many people and depends on them whether the majority will live until the morning. But they do not intend to stop. What awaits the heroes, they will be able to prove to everyone that they are excellent doctors and accept the fact that sometimes life is unfair, and they are not omnipotent?

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