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  • Drama
  • Mystery
Tom Hiddleston, one of the main contenders for the role of James bond after the retirement of Daniel Craig (whenever this sad event happened), thanks to the spy miniseries “night administrator” made a serious bid for a triumphant completion of the race “New bond”. In the BBC miniseries, based on the eponymous work of one of the best authors of spy novels by John Le Carr , Hiddleston has to fight, lie, Dodge, be a snake-tempter, seducer, provocateur, but most importantly, the avenger and arbiter of justice.after serving in the army, Jonathan pine is done with heroism, now he is an ordinary night administrator in the middle East branch of the European hotel chain. The work is quite prestigious, incomes meet the needs of pine, he is respected and loved by colleagues in the hotel, but in his life there is an episode that left a scar on his heart and once forced pine to change his profile – the night administrator becomes a spy around the clock.this story Began a few years ago, when one of the hotel's guests, the sultry Arab beauty Samira, the mistress of one of the Iranian aristocrats, gave Payne important information about the arms dealer, a British citizen billionaire Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie), who is soon ready to conclude a major deal with the Iranian authorities. Pine, who remained connected in intelligence, reports where to be, but instead of protecting his source, the British advise Samira to return to his lover and pretend that it has nothing to do with what happened. Well, the lover did not believe, and after a while the corpse of a woman was found in the hotel room, where the night Administrator Jonathan pine.who blames himself for what happened, because, wanting to help his country, he doomed Samir to death. Big shots in MI6 and the British government don't care about some kept Iranian Prince, but for pine, who found the body in a pool of blood, it was a catastrophic blow.after Leaving Iran, the night Manager works in a Swiss hotel, where a few years later comes the same Richard Roper, an arms dealer who caused the death of Samira. Just a fraction of a second it took Pine to make a decision – he will do everything in his power to punish the villain. He will gain the trust of the billionaire criminal, he will stage the kidnapping of Roper's son, he will save his son, he will become a close friend and comrade of the billionaire, he will push him to the abyss and, if necessary, he will pull the trigger…

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