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Kevin Carson-the most common guy who is not much different from others: lives with his grandmother, constantly hangs out with his best friend, dreams of the attention of a beautiful girl and regularly goes to work. On the eve of Independence Day, the favorite national holiday of Americans, Kevin was very unlucky: as a result of one unpleasant incident, he lost his job. However, the failure was almost immediately compensated by incredible luck: wanting to cheer Kevin up, a friend bought him a fortune cookie, in which he found a piece of paper with numbers. Obeying a fleeting impulse, Kevin bought a lottery ticket and entered the numbers found in it, although he never had any interest in the lottery, only to find out the incredible news the next day – he hit the jackpot, won as much as $ 370 million! However, that's not all: Kevin will be able to transfer money only after the holiday weekend, but for now he will have to keep his mouth shut and hope that no one will know incredible luck.

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