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Events unfold in our days, during the military operations in Iraq. The hot spot is marked on the territory of the country, where there is one of the old bunkers, preserved from the time of the ancient past. The fight of the military unit this time is against a terrorist gang that has caused irreparable damage to the country and has more bloody plans. Terrorists are familiar with the surrounding area and skillfully hide from military units, finding a loophole in an abandoned bunker, which became a strategic base. Not without difficulty and loss of life, military find shelter terrorists and penetrate, planning of the capture and destruction of the group. Mummy 2017 watch online with Tom cruise you can after the premiere from June 8, 2017.Once in the dungeon of the bunker, the soldiers opened a terrible picture. Around there were mutilated bodies of members of criminal group, awful traces of violence and a heap of questions how it so turned out that all are dead even before operation implementation. Here, a team of soldiers begin to pursue the mysterious events that are alarming to all members of the operation. The strange behavior of the soldiers, hallucinations and panic attacks begin to provoke sudden outbursts of rage, leading to violence directed at each other. These strange events were followed by murders among themselves that forced those who still remained in mind not to trust each other and to be protected from those with whom just side by side stood under bullets. In a bloody and brutal massacre leaves only one soldier, single-handedly fighting with an unknown force. However, his actions contributed to the revival of the ancient force that is stored in the depths of the bunker.

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