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In childhood and adolescence, mindy Lahiri spent a lot of time watching romantic comedies, usually involving Meg Ryan. It was from them that she learned all the knowledge about the relationship of the sexes – beautiful, sensual, necessarily ending with a happy marriage. Now mindy builds his relationship on the rules learned from the TV screen, that's just the beauty and happiness for some reason does not find.nnMiss Lahiri became a good gynecologist,but in her personal life she has a black hole, which leaves all her best intentions. In his 30-year small she has to fend irregular connections. Its partners can not be attributed to those who can be called the only one until the end of centuries. It is either intemperate in sex, a colleague, or a skateboarder does not want to grow up, or even a drug addict. But mindy doesn't give up, and strongly believes that the next novel will definitely be the determining factor in her life.nnMindy Lahiri herself thinks that she is unlucky in sex because she is not a subtle blonde. But rather, the reason lies in her character. Few can endure her self-confidence to the degree of arrogance, rudeness in statements, besides not completely closing mouth. However, mindy is ready to change.