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Immediately after the birth of Alton to his parents it became clear that they have a very unusual child with some supernatural abilities. The older the boy got, the stronger his abilities became. He not only has incredible intelligence, but also can destroy objects and create real chaos around him. The main problem was that Alton is not able to control their forces, and it turned his parents ' life into a real horror, because at any moment he can create an irreparable disaster. The local religious sect even began to worship the boy, and this added new difficulties. Gradually, the situation began to get out of control and Roy, the father of an unusual child, decided to take him and run.In the footsteps of the fugitives are FBI agents and members of the sect, who dream of catching a mighty child. Roy, his companion Lucas, who helps him in this difficult matter, Alton, as well as the boy's mother Sarah has to face a lot of difficulties. They are willing to do anything to protect Alton from trouble and make his life normal, but it turns out to be incredibly difficult.

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