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The audience will get acquainted with a typical American family of Hacks. However, this large family seems normal only at first glance ... The head of the family-a silent and thorough tall man Mike - the head of the brigade on a small quarry. Every weekday he Tinkers with bills and listens in a modest working trailer complaints of useless subordinates.Next to the two-meter Mike, his wife Frankie looks like a real Shorty. Cute and energetic, she is not very successfully trying to combine work and chores around the house with raising three children. She's almost not enough time for yourself and instead of thanking Mrs. heck listens to only the new requirements are regularly noisy and squabbling between siblings.the Eldest son of the Hacks is lazy and balagur Axel is a charming and self – confident Jolly fellow, the soul of the company, an excellent football player and not the most brilliant student. His sister sue is the complete opposite. She only gets good grades, she had few friends and weak-willed character. At the same time, sue is a cheerful optimist who sees the whole world in pink.rn

the Younger member of the family – smart, withdrawn, and feeling alone, Brick-loves to read more than anything in the world and almost does not part with the book. He's too careful and thoughtful for his age, often acting really weird and kind of scary strangers with extraordinary habits.Hecky is a middle class family with average income, average abilities and abilities. They save even on small things, not always friendly, and accidentally won a trip to Disneyland or a trip out of town turn them into a series of problems and troubles, and usually end in violent conflicts and family squabbles. However, the Hacks really love each other. They are attached to their unprepossessing little house, long give fixation to eccentric family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues, and to his native town in Indiana. And with this family always happens something interesting and funny.

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