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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
On the territory of America falls a strange object of unknown origin. Two researchers go to the site, taking with them the necessary equipment. But scientists did not have time to get closer to the meteorite, as they were immediately thrown aside by the shock wave. After a violent blow, Vera Buckley immediately lost consciousness and her heart stopped beating. However, after a few minutes she woke up and felt quite healthy. At this time, across America, four more "victims" of this anomaly survived clinical death. They all came to their senses as well. Soon Vera and her friends felt a mysterious force. the world Is coming to an end. The Apocalypse should begin very soon, but humanity was given the last chance of survival. To prevent the coming disaster needs five messengers. Five "superheroes" must use their supernatural powers to fight a powerful enemy. While they know little about each other and do not find a common language. In a matter of days they need to become a team and start working together. Time is short, but our heroes have to make every effort to get out of the upcoming battle winners.

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