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Original Title: The Mechanism
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: Netflix
Creators: José Padilha,Elena Soares
Description: The action of the series "Mechanism" is developing in Brazil. His main character is an ordinary policeman named Marco. Being an incredibly honest man, he never missed stars from the sky and lived modestly. A man has long been accustomed to a high level of crime in his native country and to the constant problems in the economy.once Marco manages to get on the trail of a major corruption conspiracy. Using the scheme of money laundering after the sale of oil, the villains were able to steal at least two billion dollars. Other cops, lawyers, prosecutors are immediately involved in the investigation of this case, but none of them can achieve the results.The whole problem is that everyone is involved in the corruption scheme, from regional officials to large government officials. Also, the mafia has its own interests in the case. Thus, it is almost impossible to reveal this network. To do this, Marco and his comrades will have to risk not only a career, but also their own lives.Almost immediately after the start of the investigation, the main character begins to receive threats from a certain Roberto. This person has a direct relation to the world of crime and is involved in the corruption scheme. He puts the main character a harsh condition: either Marco will retreat, or members of his family will suffer.when the fate of loved ones appears on one scale and the future of the country on the other, Marco makes the hardest decision in his life. He intends to fight to the very end. While the main character does not even suspect that this investigation will last several years and will result in numerous victims on both sides. The power of justice will face greed and greed in a brutal battle for justice. Will Marco be able to reveal the largest corruption conspiracy in the history of Brazil and bring fraudsters to clean water? Learn about this will only be possible after watching the series.

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