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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
The main characters have long been in love. The couple understands that love is the best joy to any obstacle. But unfortunately, when the time comes to the wedding, the bride's father categorically refuses to accept a new man in the family. But why it happened and what to do? In the end, the couple breaks up because the love was refused. But, not long passed by the time she found out that he was in position. Life has lost its colors and it is impossible to meet with a former loved one, since the connection is interrupted. In order not to disgrace herself in front of others, a woman gives a child to another family after giving birth. For the Turkish people-it was the only way out. son named Bahar and he lived up to 12 years in ignorance. After the boy realized that his parents had abandoned him, he decided to find them and get answers: who and why left the little child? But what awaits him in the quest and will he be able to accept them. But, this is not important because he was a rich heir, who is waiting for a present state.

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