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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The name Mantis - just the nickname of a serial killer, once held in horror the whole of France for 25 years. The offender committed terrible murders that brought him pleasure. The person with such deviations was looked for by police for a long time while the criminal without consequences filled up the list of victims.nnBut that happened - the detectives finally figured out how to arrest the maniac and found him. It was a woman named Jeanne debar. As soon as all her crimes were confirmed, she was provided with a ticket for life in prison. After a few years in the city there is a new killer, in its style is very reminiscent of the Mantis.nnDeber to do so could not, and so we are talking about the follower or copycat. To stop the bloodshed again, detectives are working tirelessly, but it does not bring results. Then the investigation comes to mind to ask the real killer how you can track down a maniac.nnSince this is a copycat, Jeanne will surely be able to tell his steps in advance, because before was in his place. She accepts the offer on the condition that she will work with her son, who went to the police to atone for the sins of his mother.