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In the series in the documentary the form of a game tells about the fate of the famous American gangsters. TV project The birth of the mafia: new York is very exciting and informative, as the basis of its plot laid real events. The viewer will plunge into the atmosphere of the USA of 20 - ies of the last century with criminal showdowns, chases, shooting and unexpected finale. Thanks to the series, you can learn about the history of the most influential mafia structure of America in the early XX century. At that time, members of criminal groups earned a lot of money on the sale of drugs, psychotropic drugs, alcohol, etc.In addition, the viewer will be shown real documents and photos related to the events of those years, famous actors and writers will talk about their vision of what is happening in new York in the 20s. In the series of reconstructed details the key historical events of the time. The process of formation of the Italian mafia will happen before your eyes. These people considered themselves invulnerable, but justice eventually overtook them.

rnAt the beginning of the last century in Manhattan came a lot of immigrants from Italy. In new York, along with his parents was a small native of Sicily Salvatore Lucania, who later became known in the mafia circles of America under the nickname Lucky "lucky" Luciano. The guy in 14 years left school and decided to earn a living extortion and drug trafficking. Soon he already had his own gang, which decided to survive from new York potential competitors and subjugate the entire criminal business for themselves.

rnIn addition to Lucky Luciano heroes of the film are his closest associates Bugsy Siegel, Vito Genovese, Frank Costello and Meyer Lansky. On the way of life of these people will be many obstacles and each of them will have to make their own choices.

rnIn 1920, the 18th amendment to the American Constitution was adopted, which introduced a ban on the production, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages. Lucky Luciano took advantage. He started a shady business selling alcohol, which made the mafia a millionaire and the most influential gangster in America.

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