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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Western
The wild West is one of the most romantic and exciting places where good heroes always defeat villains. In any case, so says the many films devoted to this genre. Of course, there are also unsightly stories, where more attention is paid to unpleasant details, but do not pay too much attention to them, because it is better to plunge into an exciting story.A small settlement, which is located among the vast steppes, is constantly raided by a terrible, greedy and bloodthirsty gang, led by a cruel villain named calvera. The locals are completely tortured. They no longer have the strength to pay the huge sums that the raiders require to keep everyone alive.At a time when patience has decreased, people decide to fight back the bandits. However, his own them it will not work, because civilians never held a gun in my life. Then they come up with the idea to turn to a mercenary. The fame of the exploits of a great shooter by the name of Chris has spread for thousands of kilometers.Therefore, the villagers turned to him. The person does not make a pleasant impression, but agrees to help. The amount that he has to pay for the services is incredibly high, but it is nothing compared to the constant extortion and torture. So begins the confrontation between Chris and his group of friends against a ruthless gang of villains.

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