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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Horror
A group of young people who just turned 20 years old that live directly in new York, gradually studying magic, but over time they realize that the mysterious world, which was read in childhood, is not just real, it is fraught with countless dangers. One of the guys was constantly practicing magic, and one was in really strange place, it is called the University Brekus, there are actually selected youth in order to develop certain magical abilities. Eventually the guys realize that you need to protect yourself and others from evil forces. The premiere of this series is planned for 2015, with all who are involved in it-have at their disposal unprecedented supernatural powers, they are drawn from youth to the mysteries and magical actions. When our main character became a student of the University, he did not even know that he could do magic. Children's dreams become a reality, and the boy was more and more absorbed in the miracle. It is clear that not all students are supporters of the good side, as well as bright intentions, they hide deep inside certain secrets and can harm loved ones, even reluctantly. Learn life stories and a little more information about the magic of the episodes of the new series.

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