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  • Mystery
In the mystical adventure series "the Lost Room" shows the world with its not the most common side. The creators claim that the familiar household items can actually be artifacts of power. In this series, all these items are in one lost in space and time room.nnAt the very beginning of the story the main character of the film, a detective named Joe Miller gets a door key. With it, he can from any room in which there is a door with a lock to get into the mysterious room of a small hotel "sunshine", located on the mysterious highway number 66. Once in this room lost daughter character, Ann. And even before something unusual happened to the room itself. As a result of the incident, all the items in the room, gained their magical properties.nnFor example, the old bus ticket makes it possible at any time if you want to move freely in space. And the usual comb allows you to stop the running of time. There are about a hundred of such artifacts in the lost room – and not all of them bear positive force. But, whether they will help Joe to find the missing daughter that together with her to return back to habitual reality – without any magic problems?