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The most complete and comprehensive study of the world of mammals. Thanks to new technologies of cinematography, excellent work of operators, and also laborious and persistent work of scientists-researchers, it became possible to make this unique fascinating and informative travel to the country of such different, bright and amusing, fierce and dangerous representatives of fauna, nevertheless representing one big family - a family of mammals. Covered with warm fur, protecting and feeding their offspring mammals quickly settled in all corners of the globe - warm and cold, wet and dried by the sun. Adapting to a new place, mammals not only changed themselves, but also in the same way changed the world, giving it a special uniqueness. The series consists of ten 50-minute films: 1. Perfect model 2. Insectivores 3. Rodents 4 Herbivores 5. Carnivores 6. The advantages of 7. Back to water 8. Life on trees 9. Careerists 10. Food for thought