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Tarzan, raised by apes, many years ago left the jungle, moved to people, lives with his wife Jane in London and is a big name John Clayton III. The wild past of the hero is far behind, and now he has become a politician and creates history. For a long time he did not even remember about his home, but everything changed at the moment when John was asked to go to Africa and make sure that for the natives houses are built and they are helped in every way to equip life. In fact, from the hero you need to see how things are with slavery, and it should go to him, because he is trusted and considered his own. Tarzan agrees with the offer and in the company of his beloved Jane goes to Africa to try to restore order. At the same time, captain Leon ROM is trying to get to the diamond Deposit, which is located in the jungle. If successful, ROM will get the position of Governor-General, so he will do everything possible to perform this difficult task. The area where the diamond deposits are located is controlled by a large local tribe led by chief Mbongi, who have long-standing accounts with Tarzan. Many inhabitants of the jungle are in great danger, and save them from the mining company can only Tarzan, who once again unite with his old friends to fight back the enemy.

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