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However, this time the story focuses not on the adventures of Aang brave, and the adventures of the girls Korra, which is destined to become the new avatar, master of all four elements – water, earth, fire and's been about 70 years since Aang defeated the treacherous Lord of fire Zuko. This victory marked the end of a century of war and became the guarantor of peace for all Nations living on the planet. Aang founded Republic city, which healed as wizards, and ordinary representatives of the four Nations, not with magic. All of them get along in peace and harmony with each other, and do not even think about the emergence of a threat in the face of another treacherous Lord.Young korra is a water mage who grew up in the southern Tribe. From time to time, the girl had no idea that a new incarnation of the Avatar, the successor of legendary Aang. But the day came when korra learned about her destiny and began to comprehend the art of possession of all four elements. In addition to water magic, which in her blood, the girl has already mastered the power of fire and earth, unsubdued there was only air.air Mage Tenzin – the youngest son of Aang and Qatar and part – time mentor Korra-belongs to the detachment of air nomads and in training does not give his ward descent. To all the cases he treats with full seriousness, because he understands that the well-being of not only the chosen Avatar, but all the inhabitants of the Republic depends on his work.korra herself is a conscientious, but at the same time very unruly student. Due to the age and hard nature, she used to overcome all the obstacles encountered on the way, but the same difficult character often becomes the cause of getting into various troubles.and while the main character of the "Legend of Korra" comprehends the basics of owning air magic, a certain group of people, nicknamed "equalizers", plans a large-scale uprising against owning magic. Equalizers have a unique ability-they block the qi energy, thereby depriving the wizards of strength. The head of the group terrorizing the Republican city is a certain Amon, the purposes and motives of which are authentically unknown.Amon and his followers gain power every day, so Tenzin prepares Korra as intensively as possible for the upcoming battle, which, quite possibly, will not do without victims. Difficulties Korre and other defenders of the state are added by ordinary bandits who recently feel almost unpunished.rn


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