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American series tells about the Apocalypse that happened on our Planet. The world has been swallowed up by a terrible epidemic, more than eighty percent of the entire population of Our world have been infected, the cure for a strange disease is not invented. All hope is assigned to the Last ship, the most important task of the entire crew to develop a vaccine and save at least a small part of the inhabitants of the Earth. Tom Chandler - the protagonist of the series, the captain of the combat destroyer, along with his team urgently goes on a few months sailing. Tom's Team this time sent in cold, snowy Arctic, where they, together with the virologists are going to study the birds, take them all samples of the virus for analysis. As it turns out later, only thanks to this trip they were alive and not infected. In the Arctic, the ship is attacked by the Russian military, only after the captain of the ship learns from virologists that in fact they had a very different, secret mission – they had to take samples of the virus, which is now infected most people on the planet. the Job is done, the captain decides to send the entire combat strength of the ship for families, but as it turns out, nowhere else to go. The disease spread rapidly around the world. And their ship is currently the safest place on earth. Will the team be able to get fuel, food, drinking water and find a vaccine against the terrible disease that has taken over the world?

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