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And again will appear before us not in the best light of the near future. Series Last ship season 3 online talk about the last survivors on the planet. Unhappy make every effort to save themselves and their own kids. A dangerous virus begins to spread on Earth, systematically destroying all of humanity. Famous scientists, great minds are trying to find an antidote. However, any attempt by the powerless. The virus is not only incredibly strong and generates an incurable disease, but also mutates at an incredible speed, spreading almost all over the Earth. there is not a single country that has not been affected by a terrible pandemic. It seems that we have no chance of a miraculous rescue. Everything speaks for the fact that our kind of existence has long been predetermined. Almost whole States are dying, and as a result there is only no more than ten percent of the huge population once. However, they still remain in terrible danger, which hangs over them, depriving the last hope. Then a small handful of survivors going on a huge destroyer to find a safe place on the planet, protected from the virus, as well as to collect all the survivors in other parts of the world and try to survive in the fight against the terrible disease.

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