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  • Comedy
The action of this Comedy series takes place in 2020. In the center of the plot is a man named Phil Miller. More recently, he lived a normal life, went to work, which is not very fond of, talked to people and could not even imagine that at some point everything can change. And it happened-all the people had gone somewhere, and Phil was completely alone. At first, he could not believe his eyes, but the empty streets, shops, houses, the utter emptiness around served as the most reliable proof. Perhaps when he wanted to be alone, but not so! Yes, now he can freely go to any institution, take from the shelves everything he wants and not pay for it, but the first wave of joy from such freedom is gone, and replaced it with a feeling of sadness and loneliness. the Hero travels across the country, hoping to find somewhere else at least one living soul, and best of all, if it is also a woman, because he missed communicating with the female sex. And very soon this dream will come true, because in Arizona in search of men travels the last surviving woman named Carol ...

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