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Original Title: The Last Man on Earth
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: FOX
Creators: Will Forte
Language: English
Description: The world will never know why fate so ordered that of all the representatives of humanity, brilliant scientists, inventors, humanists, athletes, thinkers and just good decent people after an unnamed global pandemic among a handful of survivors was Phil Miller. Mediocre, frankly, a man, not handsome, not an athlete, not very smart and not a very nice person. Such he final pattern of the dead civilization, pursuing their days in entertainment, drunkenness and gradual moral decay. for two years Phil has not seen a single living soul that could still be tolerated. But he also has not had sex with a real woman for two years, which is, of course, just a disaster. The man drove all over America, leaving on the walls and billboards the location of his hometown. Back home, Phil had pokurali and decided that perhaps enough was and ended the final human model. br>And that's when the hero is ready to sacrifice his life, he suddenly sees a column of smoke – surely somewhere nearby there is another survivor. And even better if the survivor. However, when he gets to the source of smoke and sees another living person, this acquaintance, to put it mildly, will not be pleasant.

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