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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
It was a normal morning, nothing stands out among others. Phil Miller woke up early to get ready for a job he can't stand. Suddenly he realized that his family was not in the house. Trying to find out what happened, he calls his wife's parents, but nobody picks up. In a panic, Phil runs out of the house, where he was waiting for an unpleasant surprise. There were no people outside. Usually at this time everyone goes to work, but on this ill-fated day the streets were empty. As it turned out later, at one point all the people on the planet just disappeared. They delivered their things, the food in the restaurants was still warm and the shops were open. Only Phil remains as the last witness of the existence of the species "man" on this planet. The main character will find out what happened to the people, as well as why he stayed... the Series Last man on Earth season 1 all series in a row to watch online for free in good quality.

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