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People turn to God for many reasons, someone hopes for help, others begin to think that they are not alone in this world, where there is someone who does not care what happens to them. And some choose for themselves an unusual religion, as a result of the activities of one preacher who did not recognize either Christ or Buddha 47 people killed themselves in one day. And adults were so strongly sure that their leader tells the truth, God will return them earlier or later to the world of the living, deprived of life of the children. For the mass suicide had used a poison that was created by the preacher. As soon as the public became aware of this incident, an investigation began, during which they found out that one little girl Sarah managed to survive, for some reason she was not killed. Since then, more than 20 years have passed, this girl grew up, but could not forget what happened to her in the past. She long time refused to comment on an event, and recently decided that it is necessary to find out at last why her native died. Therefore, the heroine told one of the most annoying journalists that she was ready to give an interview, and when she met with her, she learned a lot of facts that she did not even suspect. When Sarah was offered to go to the scene, she agreed, because she was not afraid and wanted to know the truth, but as soon as she was in the camp where her parents killed themselves, she felt bad. On the first night in this place Sarah will not be able to sleep properly, as it will be tormented by nightmares, and in the morning the characters will know that one of the participants in the filming process disappeared, the van will not be in place. And when the guys look at the video taken by one of the cameras, they will understand that they are dealing with something supernatural, but they will not think to get away from this terrible place.

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