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The life of a professional fraudster is filled with incredible events and unexpected twists of fate. The skilled swindler of NOC long time is engaged in small pocket thefts, having reached the highest level of skill in this business, than won doubtful popularity in the criminal world. Once the circumstances are not particularly pleasant for him, as a result there are serious disagreements with people who are engaged in this way. The conflict leads to forced radical measures, we have to give up the usual craft and retire from business. The former thief leaves his former place of residence and moves to a small, remote from civilization city of Saint-Maurice, where no one knows his past associated with criminal activity. To settle in a new place, you need to find a way to make money. You can watch doctor NOK 2017 Scam online in good quality for free without registration.To Knock new problems arise, all his life he hunted theft and did not work so can not do anything to honestly earn a decent living. We have to look for a convenient way out of a difficult situation. A little look around, having studied an unknown town, adventurer comes up with an extraordinary way to improve the financial situation. He intends to introduce himself to local residents as a licensed doctor and open a private practice. The computer pretends to be a highly qualified Professor, has a huge medical experience, so it attracts many wealthy clients of retirement age who complain of various ailments. He confidently puts invented diagnoses, prescribes patients harmless drugs, giving them a powerful medication. Once in the city there is a person who knows the true past of the fake doctor.

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