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Original Title: The Knick
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Cinemax
Creators: Jack Amiel,Michael Begler
Language: English
Description: TV series from Director Steven Soderbergh "Nickerbocker Hospital" tells about the everyday life of the advanced clinic of the early 1900s. It was a time when Ambulances were harnessed by horses, there was competition for patients, surgical operations were carried out by the method of experiments, and the world has not yet learned about antibiotics and sterility. Mortality of patients in such conditions is common.< p>

in the center of the plot surgeon John Tucker. He does not have good manners, spends his leisure time in brothels, and still a racist, drug addict, but an innovator in his business. The prototype of this character – William Halsted-the founder of modern surgery, whose innovations were anesthesia, hand sterilization, various techniques of surgery. Halstead experienced the effect of cocaine on himself, addicted to it, and tried to get rid of addiction by switching to another type of drug – heroin.< p>

the Film begins with the presentation of the main character. He comes out of an opium den in China, brings himself to life with a shot. Dr. John Thackery is preparing for the upcoming surgery, which is going to the cab. Experimental surgery "cesarean section" has led to the death of the woman, unborn baby and dismissal of the chief surgeon of the Knickerbocker clinic, the site of which is now Thackery.< p>

the film presents shockingly Frank not only aspects of the activities of doctors, surgeons, but also some bureaucratic, social problems associated with medical practice. Clinic the Knick in a state of financial crisis. To improve the case management of the medical institution decides to hire a graduate of Harvard, a talented doctor Algeron Edwards. But how to treat a black specialist clinic clients-secured, respectable public, as well as a team of doctors? Strong racial prejudices, whether the professionalism of the upper class to ensure reputation and recognition?..

At the clinic the Knick operate advanced physicians of his time. Technical devices allowing to diagnose diseases and control the course of treatment and manipulations have not been invented yet. Surgeons are colleagues of Thackery and he vaguely imagines the anatomy and physiology of man. However, to save patients boldly apply new, including prohibited methods. How did the practice of surgery at the dawn of science, which was a prerequisite for the further development of medicine instrumental intervention – this series.

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