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Chungson was lucky to be born into a Royal family and become truly the most protected child in the country. From the moment of his birth, he was always nurtured and trained by the best masters and teachers in the country. Much this was affected by the pedigree of his parents. The father, being the ruler of Korea, once fell in love with the daughter of Kubla Khan, a Mongolian ruler and therefore their son had to study the traditions of both countries at once. Coping with the burden of science and constant training, the future ruler of the country crepe day by day, but it all happened without the participation of parents. They are occupied with public Affairs almost not giving him any time, so best friends for Chunsoo became his guard, and Rick, a distant relative. Over the years, the Prince became one of the first beauties of the country and when the parents reached out to him to find him a couple, they quickly realized that their opinion means little to him. Chungson would rather listen to the words of two true friends than heed those who do not even know him.

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