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"Many years have passed since the end of hostilities in Bosnia. Many people do not even remember what they had to go through, about the war. But not two veterans of these military operations. Once upon a time, a former peacemaker from the United States of America absolutely accidentally meets in his life the same veteran of Serbia, who at that time defended his country. Their memories are still fresh. First and foremost, the hatred for each other. It is as if time has stopped for them, and the war is still going on. Their hatred to each other even after many years are unable to even slightly subside. They continue their feud, which is just Grand, global scale. This is not just a feud, but a real war, which involves almost a lot of other people. It seems that the third World war began to emerge. The Serb did not accidentally find an American veteran. He dreams with all his heart to avenge his past, for his actions, which were addressed to his people, country. The only thing that can calm the Serbian veteran is only revenge. It is the cruel and ruthless revenge against the American veteran that can prevent the emergence and development of the Third world war."

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