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Kazunari USA just turned 16 years old. Now he has to go to high school and he believes that this will start his new life. Once in a new place, he gets rid of parental control, get acquainted with a bunch of students and get their homes. Parents decided to help Kazunari and rented him a room. Even without checking it, the guy immediately goes to school. He liked the new place very much only because he met the girls of his dreams there. Flying all day in the clouds, the boy went home, reaching which he was waiting for a couple of news. It turns out that his room is located in a dilapidated house and more than that he will live with a neighbor. But then he almost forgot about the bad because he found out that his roommate is the same girl that he fell in love at first sight. His feelings give him strength, and soon he realizes that he does not live in a wreck, and the old castle, which owns a funny old woman, and the neighbor is also not as bad as it seemed. With the rest of the tenants still less fortunate, but for the girl and they can be tolerated. How will an independent life Kazanori? Will he win the favor of his beloved?