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Gunman is an international mercenary of the highest level. Jim Terrier is one of the best gunmen, he literally has no equal. But everything changes when the Company begins to eliminate its mistakes in work. Now Terry becomes the victim. The main character decides to save his life by blackmail, threatening to disclose secret data and dirt on the Company. For support, he turns to his former colleague Felix. However, Felix wants to eliminate Terry. The reason for this is a love triangle in which both men gave their hearts to one woman – Annie. Jim finds himself in an almost hopeless situation and is forced to start fighting for his life and his love against everyone and everything. But it's not for nothing that he became the best in his business... Criminal militant Gunman (2015) was created by representatives of four countries: the film had a hand in Spain, the UK, France and the United States. All the time the viewer remains in suspense, and the main character, despite the specifics of his activities, creates a pleasant impression. Especially worth noting is the "pearl" of the cast – Sean Penn, who, despite his not young years, will give odds to all Hollywood beauties, so he harmoniously fits into the role of gunman – a dangerous and cold-blooded mercenary. By the way, Penn took part in the creation of the script for this tape.

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