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Hbo is known not only for its feature TV shows, but also for its documentary series. In 2015, one of the most anticipated such projects was "the Jinx: the Life and death of Robert Durst". The name of the character, to whom the channel has devoted its own serial investigation, will not say much to the Russian-speaking audience, but in the West it is a notorious personality.nnRobert Darts is a billionaire who for the time being was known to the General public only for his strange behavior. But then he was accused of murder. So, one day, mysteriously missing his wife, Kathleen McCormack, and more traces could not be found. Then under unclear circumstances the mistress of the rich man Susan McCormack was shot. On involvement in both these tragedies, the police checked Darts, but no evidence of his involvement in the crimes could not be found.nnThere was also a third murderous case: the death of seventy billionaire neighbor, Maurice black. The old man was not only killed, but also dismembered. This time, the suspect's guilt was practically proven, but the big money and influential connections again allowed him to escape punishment. The qualitative level of the series is evidenced by the fact that the channel managed to take an exclusive interview with Robert Darts, who had not talked to journalists for 30 years.