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The storyline of the film will affect the relationship of old friends, telling about them what they did not even know. Old friends agreed to relax in a country Villa in Savannah. Annie and Matt said they were getting ready for the wedding. Loving Jack for some reason brought a young girlfriend. Cheerful Lola instantly aroused resentment among the ladies present. Jesse and Sarah painstakingly portrayed the perfect same-sex family. All were eagerly waiting for the arrival of ruby and Peter. The couple did not suspect that the friends organized a meeting to discuss their unsuccessful marriage. The head of the family is always busy at work. Poor ruby, a mother of three, is dead tired of household chores. Husband and wife fighting about everything. The company hoped that a serious conversation would help the couple to take a sober look at the hopeless relationship. Intervention in someone else's life has become a kind of outlet for the characters who are mired in personal problems. When spouses are invited to leave, Pete was furious. He remembered Ann's alcoholism, Matt's immaturity, Jack's promiscuity, and Jess ' painful addiction to young girls. Will the good intentions of the heroes lead to something good?

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