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During the big Bang in the city center, a man comes to the FBI office, who claims that it was his handiwork. The suspect is arrested, but he has absolutely no data, his face is not lit anywhere, and his fingers he blurted out, so fingerprints can not be removed. It becomes clear that he is not joking and well prepared for everything that happens. According to the criminal somewhere laid another, more powerful and deadly bomb, which will soon explode. He alone knows its location, and he is ready to provide all the necessary information, if its conditions are met.The case is entrusted to the real master of interrogation FBI special agent Lucas Nolan, who knows everything about the psychology of criminals, is a true master of his craft and is able to obtain the necessary information from any person. But even such a genius interrogations is difficult to communicate with the cunning and unpredictable terrorist who leads him deadly game. Lucas will in a short period of time to see through the criminal and find out where else explosions can occur. Will he be able to overcome this clever game of a crazy terrorist and thus save thousands of lives?

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