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Publishing house "Marvel Comics", and more specifically, its comics are a fertile mine for serialscroll. Here comes "The Incredible Hulk" 2014 fans. It is useful to recall that the first time the Hulk "debuted" on television in 1977, then there were the following film and animated series. And here is a new appeal to the hero.nnIn the story, Bruce banner-a brilliant scientist of those who own experiments give birth far away. He was testing a Gamma bomb sample when something went wrong. As a result, the physicist picked up a fraction of the radiation that would incinerate an ordinary person on the spot. The banner "only" have mutated. As a result of the changes in the body, he became at times turn into a green monster – an Incredible Hulk, which no one can stop.nnThe scientist can not control these transformations with his mind – he becomes the Hulk when he is covered by an outburst of anger. Of course, the us government is not happy with a new dangerous monster that could threaten all state security. To capture and destroy the Hulk sent special forces. But Benner does not want to be destroyed. He is forced to go on the run, while trying to find a vaccine against the mutation that struck him.

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