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  • Drama
In the future, earthlings enter into a brutal war with alien invaders. The confrontation has been going on for many years, but no one can win. There is even a strict totalitarian regime on the planet, headed by a single government, which controls everything. In this world, Spencer Alham can be called a happy man. He is a loving husband and a talented scientist who manages to create a unique weapon that can turn the tide of the war in favor of people. But suddenly Spencer is arrested on charges of espionage and even claim that he was sent by aliens genetic robot with a bomb planted inside. According to the authorities, he is completely copied from the real Spencer, so he does not even realize who he really is.Alham becomes the main enemy of humanity, so he has no choice but to run away and try to prove, including himself, that he is actually a normal person, not an alien spy. But it will not be easy, because the authorities are trying to destroy it and open a real hunt. Now all intelligence agencies are trying to find Spencer. The hero has to overcome many obstacles and dangers before he gets to the truth.

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