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  • Drama
It's a horror anthology. There is everything – true love and animal sex, happy life and unexpected death, reliable friendship and treacherous betrayal, eroticism, cannibalism, vampires and much more. Each series is a stand-alone work. The basis for them was the stories and novels of famous writers – Edgar Allan PoE, R. Bloch, B. Lumley, and even D. Morrel, the Creator of Rambo. Each episode has a narrator who narrates the backstory. The stories themselves tell about forbidden desires, obsessions and manias. The model is subject to some strange mania – she is convinced that if she is photographed, the camera can steal her soul. And because of this, she refuses to act. People who wear a designer dress made of red silk begin to perform unusual actions. A young couple, recently married, go on a honeymoon. And in the honeymoon Suite, they realize their bed is cursed. A certain woman does not leave any man indifferent, just driving them crazy. And the reporter takes up the investigation of this strange case. The man finds one mysterious Internet site on which it is offered to realize any, even the strangest sexual imaginations. Because of this, his family life is being tested. These, and many other stories can be seen in this kaleidoscope of horror, full of feelings, passions, and seasoned with a large share of eroticism.

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