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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
"The Haunting of Hill House" – a television adaptation of the classic horror novel by a famous writer Shirley Jackson. n

"Around a huge mansion, standing on a hill of many legends. Local rumor that there is haunted, so try to avoid this godforsaken place tenth expensive. But there are people who believe such rumours are the usual fabrications. In the center of the plot – the family that once lived in the mansion, but due to the close proximity with the other forces was forced out. n

"many years Later, already adult siblings are reunited at home, which seems to have not changed during their long absence. Family members will once again confront a dangerous ghosts, many of whom live not only in the dark corridors of a large mansion on the hill, but in the memories of yesterday's children. Everyone needs to get rid of the burden of the past, not to go crazy, and get a chance to move on. That's just the evil that lives here is not going to just let go of their victims... n

""the Ghosts of hill house" series with unexpected plot twists, which is not a direct remake of the film adaptation of the 1999, but borrowed from the novel viscous atmosphere of despair in which are immersed the main characters. In General, stock up on evening of popcorn, it will be interesting and scary!