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The series takes place in a Republic that doesn't really exist. It's called Gilead. The mores here are very cruel. Ordinary people should not expect protection from the authorities. In addition, there is a military regime. This means that the only layer of society that is respected is the military and their relatives. To the rest of the same attitude for the most part condescending. Another feature of the Republic is that in the families of officers wives are not accepted to give birth to their husbands children. It is considered in the order of things, when instead of the wife of the child is carrying a servant. Each officer's family carefully selects the girl for the role of a surrogate mother. br>After she gets pregnant, it is placed in a spacious building, which in appearance is more like a prison. After nine months pass under the strict control of an officer's family, the child is withdrawn. The fate of the girl, who is his biological mother, remains unknown. The main character of the series is also a maid, and she also has to bear a child, that's just to part with him the girl does not want. Is there any way to circumvent Gilead's cruel rules and laws?

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