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Were there such magical places during World war II capable of protecting a person to make him feel safe... it would Seem that it would have to be either a bunker or some kind of spaceship. But in the series "Alkion" you can see how people escaped from a gunshot in the walls of the hotel. The series "Alkion" takes place in London, but each state in particular felt these horrific events. At a time when ordinary middle-class citizens were dying of hunger and cold in all their families, but the territory was occupied by an elite hotel, the entrance to which was allowed only to rich people. It was a place where people were saved from the daily fighting and at the same time they had servants and full tables with food and all the conditions for the people of the upper classes. But in fact, even such conditions and the atmosphere are not able to make a person one hundred percent calm, he always lives in the soul of anxiety that death will get him…

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