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At first glance, Melvin seems quite ordinary and unremarkable guy who likes to have fun and not think about the consequences. But in fact, he has unique abilities – he can move almost any objects with the power of thought. Despite such supernatural possibilities, the hero does not really use them, and spends all his free time on girls, drinking and fun. This could go on for a very long time, if one day Melvin was not in intensive care with cardiac arrest. During his stay in the clinic, he managed to rethink a lot and understand that before that he had wasted his life. The hero resolutely decides to change, but it is very difficult to make it.Gradually, Melvin manages to change his life, he stops drinking and using drugs, begins to play sports, and soon decides to use his gift for the benefit of society. He becomes a real superhero and, using his unique abilities, begins to fight crime. As a result, Melvin gets into a war with very dangerous people for whom he becomes the main target. Will the new American hero find the strength to resist gangs and prove to everyone that he can change?

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