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Africa is the oldest continent on our planet, the cradle of civilization. Despite its venerable age, more than 270 million years, this ocean-washed continent is perhaps the only one that has preserved harmony with nature and not subjected to the destructive influence of human activity. It is this, as well as the beauty of its nature and the rapid diversity and uniqueness of the animal world, Africa is so attractive for study, research and tourism. New BBC documentary series "wild Africa" invites you to a video tour of this amazing and mysterious continent of miracles and contrasts. You can take a walk along the rivers and lakes of Africa, explore the majestic mountains and the incredible beauty of the ocean coast, as well as endless, sun-burned deserts and vast expanses of savannas. This project is the first global and most comprehensive study of the African continent in 15 years. Stunning in its beauty large-scale shooting, made with the latest achievements of scientific shooting technology will allow you to see this continent in all its charm and diversity. The series includes six 50-minute movie: 1. Mountains 2. Savannah 3. Deserts 4. Coast 5. Jungle 6. Lakes and rivers