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Having captured Americans, Canadians and British during World war II, the Germans soon realized that the prisoners of war were not going to put up with their fate. After several attempts to escape the prisoners, the Germans transferred them to a specially built camp guarded with such zeal that it is impossible to escape from it. However, despite warnings jailers, prisoners tried to escape in the first same day, and only when these attempts failed, decided temporarily to lay low and began to settle in camp. Von Luger, Colonel Luftwaffe, who heads the camp, did not listen to the warnings of the Gestapo agent and ignored the message that the most active organizer of escapes, the British Roger Bartlett, should be kept under constant guard. When he was placed together with other prisoners of war, Bartlett resumed active work on the organization of the escape: he began to dig tunnels, produce false documents and clothing, for which a total of 250 people were involved.

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