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In the center of events is a family of Strakers, which has quite a lot that can be hidden from the public. The head of the family named reed was the wife of a woman named Kate, brought up two children with his beloved wife and was engaged in household chores. However, the secret of reed is that he is engaged in catching mutants throughout the city, which arose through the strange behavior of natural phenomena. These mutants look like humans, but have unique abilities that are beyond the control of ordinary humans. because reed put several kinds of mutants in the basement of the house, the children of the Strakers-Lauren and Andy took over all the abilities that they did not belong before. Until a certain point, teenagers did not know what they were dealing with, they went to school, and everyone had a personal life. Lauren did well in school and have success among classmates, at the same time, Andy appeared more enemies, with whom he didn't want to put up with. The guy thought that all his friends are nobodies, and have no idea what is humanity. When Andy was once again attacked by several guys to ruthlessly beat the young man, at this moment Andy woke up abilities that helped to avoid bruises and abrasions. But now the Straker family is interested in the police and scientists of The city.

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