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Simon the security systems specialist and his wife, interior designer Robin, are happy together. They just moved into a nice new house in Los Angeles. Accidentally Simon met Gordon, a classmate. They do not mind to resume communication, even after twenty years. Gordon's a little clumsy, sweet, friendly, even generous. He gives gifts, visits them more and more often. Gordon became obscenely Intrusive, and Robin is alarming. Spouses former a classmate of now seems quite strange. They decided that it is necessary to break this relationship. But, as it turned out, it is not easy to do. The past has come to their house, and is not going to leave...The sins of the past are increasingly becoming apparent. Exposed secrets, "skeletons in the closet", cunning and even betrayal. This is what turns upside down the whole measured and established life of Simon and Robin. And this is only the beginning, because soon the true faces of each of the three will be revealed...

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