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The next season of the cult series American horror story " will give you a lot of new emotions and impressions. In the new season you have brand new stories. Each series is unrelated. In each of the episodes in the lead roles will be completely different people with completely different lives and problems. Monsters have become even stronger and crave blood in large numbers-that's what unites this season. Now they will bring even more pain to people. They seemed to feel the fears and everyone, and trying to strike at the weakest spot. Sometimes they succeed. This season of the series appeared before the audience so exciting that sometimes you do not know where to put yourself from the experiences. Most happy viewer no dry episodes. Each of them is filled with some kind of history. The show is definitely not for the faint of heart. And if you are ready to look into the eyes of fear, then go ahead! This series is perfect for you. Just do not be afraid ahead of time.

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