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The Flying Cestmir Season 1 by ČT1 download without torrents for free in HD

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Original Title: The Flying Cestmir
  • Genres:
  • Family
Channel: ČT1
Creators: Václav Vorlíček
Description: The young calf is difficult to disrupt. This is its main difference from relatives who live on the farm. Other animals differ in disposition and capable at the slightest irritation to pounce on the offender. The guy has no rage. He's far from aggressive. When other horned creatures prefer pounding hooves, the rush into the cells or swung to hit the fence, Ferdinand was at this time able to safely enjoy flowers, clouds in the sky, the vegetation around. The greatest satisfaction he brings the scent of flowering plants and the view of colourful butterflies. This occupation bull is ready to devote all his free time from food and sleep.Ferdinand outwardly little different from the tribesmen. He's pretty impressive for his age. The size and sharpness of the horns are also worthy of respect and some caution. This circumstance became the reason of a curious case. Mistakenly, the guy was loaded into a van and sent to the qualifying round of a popular competition. The event will be held in Madrid. The best candidates from all over the country will arrive here. None of the organizers and the audience never came, as peaceful creation appeared in front of them. They perceived Ferdinand as a cruel and extremely unfriendly creature, worthy of a fight with the champion.

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