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  • Drama
Barry has always admired people who have special abilities, but after his parents were deprived of life, he began to dream only that once, too, will be able to become the owner of superpowers that can do everything to send as many criminals behind bars. Except he had no idea how he was going to get that power. Accident embodied his dream in reality, one lightning strike in the device, located in the laboratory and the guy woke up with the ability to move at lightning speed. Now he is sure that all his dreams will come true. for a Long time Barry honed his skills to learn time control. Thanks to this technique, he wanted to return his parents to this world. It was very difficult but the guy has really achieved its goal. Now he really was very pleased with himself. But as soon as his wish came true, the world was in chaos. All his friends are constantly arguing with each other, the number of enemies has increased significantly, and they were taken from nowhere. This made Barry think that he had made a mistake somewhere. But what he really made a mistake, what you need to do to fix it and whether it will do in the Flash?

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