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  • Drama
  • Documentary
"Death on the net" (the original name of the Den) is an upcoming American horror film. Zachary Donoghue tried to make this film, for whom this film will be his debut. In leading roles we will see Melanie Papalia, David Schlachtenhaufen, Adam Shapiro, Matt reedy and many others. In modern times, even young children know that in the global Internet you can find anything, it is svoeridnae all-round dump, where any information. It is no secret that the governments of many countries are making a lot of efforts to combat pornography, violence and other nasty things, which today is distributed through the network. But this thread is probably not what forces can't be stopped. In the global Internet, recently opened one pretty mysterious site where everyone who wants can see different videos showing the death of different people. At the first viewing it may seem that this is just a successful production. But experts who work in law enforcement, in turn, are convinced that the site is not fake, that all these murders and deaths, which are laid out here, are actually real. Here you can also see the agony of a seriously ill person, a completely accidental death from some random bullet or even a banal suicide. And here law enforcement agencies vainly try to find the Creator of this site and to stop him. The worst thing here may seem that every day visitors and fans of this malicious resource is becoming more and more. Our main character of the film set a difficult goal: she decided to closely monitor the visitors of the site, as well as the chat available there, with only one purpose, to understand their motives and habits. To do this, she began to use a webcam and records everything that interests her most. One day, our young woman witnessed this death involuntarily – to be more precise, it was a very cruel and bloody murder on the air. And now before our heroine got a new question, what to do next with this information.

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